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1951 was the year to establish our little corner to worship God, after long efforts.

Ever since our family has grown along with our faith, based on mutual respect and support for every single one.
Our community is open for everyone who wishes to discover the rich Greek culture and civilization,
the unique entertainment and traditional customs or anyone who is keen to make some new friends and share the joy.



The Greek settlement in Bristol goes back to the 19th century when Greek sailors embarked in the area with the idea of setting up businesses. Bristol continues to be an important port in the U.K. as it has been for many centuries. Some of those sailors began to settle down not only in the centre but also in the outskirts of Bristol when the need of practising the Orthodox religion arose. The living conditions and specifically the communication were very much different from present times.

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Our News

icon July 11, 2024
Patronal Festival 2024

On Sunday the 30th of June 2024 our community, celebrating our Patron Saints Peter & Paul, had the priviledge and opportunity to host a number of local and London dignitaries along with a large number of local parishioners and visitors.


icon July 18, 2023
Patronal Festival 2023

On Sunday the 2nd of July 2023 our community had the honour of hosting a number of dignitaries and a large number of our parishioners on our yearly Patronal Festival in honour of our Patron Saints Peter & Paul.


icon February 23, 2023
Tsiknopempti 2023

On Thursday 16/02/2023 we held our traditional Tsiknopempti (Smoky Thursday) event at our Hellenic Hall. It was a very successful event which was attended by many members, friends and university students of our community.


icon December 7, 2021
Day Trip to Swansea

On Saturday 18th of December, a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy will take place blessed by the Bishop of Claudioupolis Iakovos, at the Greek Orthodox Church of Sts Zacharia and Elizabeth.
For this reason we are organising a day trip to the city of Swansea for any member or friend of our community that would like to attend.


icon October 10, 2021
Sunday School

Sunday School, which instructs and inducts our children into our Holy Tradition and our Sacred Faith, begins in our Church, on Sunday 17th October 2021, at the end of the Divine Liturgy.


icon August 22, 2021
Byzantine Music Lessons

We are forming in our Community a Branch of the Central School of Byzantine Music of our Sacred Archdiocese.


The Church Hall Is For Hire