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Patronal Festival 2023

On Sunday the 2nd of July 2023 our community had the honour of hosting a number of dignitaries and a large number of our parishioners on our yearly Patronal Festival in honour of our Patron Saints Peter & Paul.

The organising committee of our yearly Patronal Festival would like to express their gratitude to everyone in our Community, who sacrificed personal time to help with the organisation of our Panegyris.

Everyone came together both before and after the event to help prepare and then tidy up everything.

It was a wonderful celebration and a great blessing for us to have our Archbishop, Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, General Consul for the Republic of Cyprus, and Consul from the Greek Embassy.

Every single one of our guests left fully impressed with the whole organisation, school play and dancing, excellent food and welcoming atmosphere.

It is wonderful to see our Community coming together, working in unity and helping each other, just like our Patron Saints, Peter & Paul.

The response from our Community has been amazing and the list of fellow parishioners and friends who helped with the preparations before during, and after the event, is quite long. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all those who gave up their time and contributed to the success of our Panegyris and may we have many such great celebrations in the future.

Many many thanks to everyone from the Event Organising Committee!