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In Remembrance

Rosemarie Boulton
Deceased 4th September, 2009
Our beloved Rosemarie Boulton has worked for the Bristol Brunel Academy as teacher of English, a treasurer for the Bristol Anglo-Hellenic Cultural Society for many years, secretary for the Ladies Auxiliary Society of the Greek Orthodox Church of Bristol as well as secretary and treasurer for the Company which overlooked the Greek Community Hall, directed by three trustee members. She was also a teacher of the Greek language to the Cheltenham Greek Parish for a long time.

Rosemary Boulton was an excellent and hard-working member and her contribution was significant to enhance our faith, promote our culture as to support the Greek communities in the south west.

In her memory
by Mrs. Aglaia Hill

On the pathway of a lifetime
There is a first step and a last
And it seems that sometimes,
Time flies by, much too fast.
Yet, when the journey’s over,
Its comforting to find
Our loved ones walk for ever
In the memories of the mind.